Top Tools For Data Visualization In Big Data

Data visualization plays a crucial role in understanding and analyzing big data. Through graphical representations, complex information can be simplified and trends can be identified. It is not limited to a specific field, as researchers from various disciplines utilize visualization tools to depict intricate events and phenomena. In this article, we will explore the concept of data visualization in big data and delve into some of the top tools commonly used in this field. By harnessing the power of these visualization tools, we can unlock valuable insights hidden within vast amounts of data and make informed decisions.

Defining Data Visualization In Big Data

Data Visualization is the process of creating graphical representations of data in order to highlight the links within the data. In the context of big data, visualization techniques go beyond traditional charts such as pie and bar graphs. These techniques involve using modern visualization tools to display real-time changes and create more illustrative graphics. The goal is to avoid overwhelming the viewer with hundreds of rows, columns, and attributes, and instead provide a more aesthetic and visually appealing representation of the data.

Benefits Of Good Data Visualization

One of the key benefits of data visualization is that it attracts attention through the use of colors and patterns. Our visual perception is naturally drawn to colors and patterns, and by using them effectively in data visualization, we can quickly and easily distinguish between different data points. This allows us to notice trends and outliers at a glance, without having to analyze raw data or complex reports. Furthermore, data visualization enables effective storytelling. By presenting data in a visual format, we can convey a narrative and communicate insights in a concise and engaging manner.

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Top Big Data Visualization Tools

There are several top data visualization tools available in the market that are specifically designed for handling big data. These tools offer various features and functionalities that make data visualization easier and more efficient. Some of the top tools in this category include:

Top Tools For Data Visualization In Big Data

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Google Chart

Google Chart is a user-friendly tool that provides a simple way to visualize data. It offers various chart galleries that cater to different visualization needs, ranging from basic line graphs to complex hierarchical structures. One notable feature of Google Chart is its cross-browser compatibility and the ability to render charts in HTML5/SVG format. However, customization options are somewhat limited, and users may require technical assistance for more advanced customization.

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Tableau is a powerful data visualization application that is specifically designed for manipulating large amounts of data. It offers a user-friendly canvas or dashboard that allows users to drag and drop data and create visualizations. Tableau also integrates well with other data sources, such as Hadoop, allowing for thorough analysis of data. Additionally, Tableau offers a free version for students and instructors, making it accessible to educational institutions.

Top Tools For Data Visualization In Big Data


D3, or Data-Driven Documents, is a Javascript package that provides extensive flexibility in visualizing data. It requires a solid understanding of javascript to effectively utilize its capabilities. Unlike other tools, D3 does not provide a pre-defined set of charts; instead, it allows users to shape the data and apply data-driven transformations using DOM (Document Object Model). This results in seamless transitions and animations that enhance the visual experience.

Top Tools For Data Visualization In Big Data

Fusion Chart

Fusion Chart is a widely-used Javascript charting library that is trusted by top companies worldwide. It offers over 90 chart types, including 2D and 3D graphics, allowing for versatile and dynamic visualizations. Fusion Chart supports data collection in XML or JSON format and renders charts using Javascript (HTML5), SVG, and VML. The library also includes a variety of interactive features such as scrolling, panning, and animation effects, enhancing the user experience. However, Fusion Chart is not free and requires a yearly subscription for access.

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Top Tools For Data Visualization In Big Data


Highcharts is a comprehensive charting library that is built entirely in Javascript. It supports various browsers and devices, including Android and iPhone. Highcharts offers a wide range of chart types, including lines, bars, columns, and pies. It also provides real-time data processing capabilities, allowing users to display dynamic charts based on user-defined specifications. Highcharts is free for developers to use, and deployment costs vary depending on the specific requirements and usage.


Data visualization is an essential aspect of working with big data. It helps make sense of large amounts of data by transforming it into a more understandable and visually appealing format. There are various data visualization tools available in the market, each offering different features and functionalities. It is important to focus on recommended practices and experiment with different tools to find the ones that best suit your needs and preferences. Regardless of the specific tools or apps used, data visualization plays a crucial role in analysis, storytelling, and exploration in the age of big data.

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